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    eSIM is superior, but not universal

    eSIM is easy. There is no physical card, only software verification through scanning a QRCode from a provider. Phones can theoretically have as many phone numbers as possible. My iPhone has two eSIMs, one for Wind Tre in Italy and one for AT&T in America. However, when I switch phones, I need to call AT&T to change, and I must go to a Wind Tre store and pay €15 to transfer my phone number to a new phone. Not as seamless as companies want you to believe. In the past, I would buy a regular

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    My Apple M1 Mac Mini

    I decided to take the plunge and buy an Apple M1 Mac Mini. I did not need it, but I was interested to see if it could really replace my 2019 Mac Pro. The short answer is currently no, but it might in within the next year or two. M1 Mac Mini Setup (more…)