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    I am back with Apple TV

    Apple TV 4K (2021) I originally adopted Apple TV way back when it first released in 2007. I thought it would be the future and a good way to share content from my iTunes library. I went through two iterations with the Apple TV and then switched to the Logitech Revue due to some better features, including TV Passthru and it had a keyboard. After I had some Android sticks, a Mac Mini, and several iterations of Amazon FireTV boxes. Due to several app issues, lack of speed and crashes, I decided to

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    M1 Mac Update

    After having the M1 Mac for a few months now, I am happy with the little machine, but some hiccups have to be overcome. Apple has fixed many of the issues that plagued the machine, like my dock disconnecting randomly, but others remain, mainly due to software issues with third parties. Some issues will never to be overcome without an update to the number of ports and the possibility to add more RAM. (more…)

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    My Apple M1 Mac Mini

    I decided to take the plunge and buy an Apple M1 Mac Mini. I did not need it, but I was interested to see if it could really replace my 2019 Mac Pro. The short answer is currently no, but it might in within the next year or two. M1 Mac Mini Setup (more…)

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    Why I am buying the new 2019 Mac Pro

    My old 2009 Mac Pro has had a very long and productive life. The insides of the machine have nothing except one DVD ROM drive from the original packaging. Everything has been upgraded, from the processor to the graphics cards. The machine supports USB type C, and a host of other technologies that were not available when I bought the machine. The firmware has been upgraded to make it seem like a newer version to get a few more years out of the little beast that could. (more…)

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    BREXIT Thoughts

    As an EU citizen and an American citizen, here are my thoughts. The UK should leave on 29 March 2019 with or without a deal. The entire process has been flawed from the beginning, but the UK Parliament allowed the people to vote in a referendum, and then agreed with their decision to leave the EU. It is only reasonable to see the UK leave the EU on the date set by Prime Minister Theresa May when she had a letter delivered to the EU Council triggering Article 50 of the Treaty of

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    Upgrade to the AMD Ryzen 2700x

    I have been very happy with my Ryzen build from last year where I was using the 1800x.  I really did not need to upgrade, other than to take advantage of some of the improvements that AMD made in the Zen architecture.  There is a slight speed difference between the two chips, which also is nice, though, I would have like to see a bigger bump in speed.  The new 2700x includes a fan, but I am using water cooling, so no big deal for me. In 10 minutes I had opened the case, pulled out the old CPU,

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    Amazon Fire TV Cube is meh

    If you already have a Fire TV and an Echo device, then the Fire TV Cube will not really be that appealing to you.  I have a first generation Fire TV, and Echo devices in every room in the house, except the bathroom.  There is nothing I cannot do with the new Fire TV Cube that cannot be done with an Echo device and another Fire TV device, except turn on my TV and AV receiver, which is nice. I bought the Fire TV Cube to finally upgrade to 4K. which my first generation Fire TV does not support.

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    Programmers are the security problem

    Larry Ellison of Oracle has spoken numerous times about how bad security is in the industry.  However, I don’t think he acknowledged the problem; Programmers are under skilled and require guidance. Anyone can be a Java, C or C# programmer, but how good are they at their job?  Unfortunately, businesses are asking the wrong questions when hiring individuals, especially granting highly coveted visas to these individuals.  Sure it is easy enough to program Java, but do they know how to program an enterprise Java application?  Most likely not.  That’s not an issue when the management has a very talented