I am back with Apple TV

Apple TV 4K (2021)

I originally adopted Apple TV way back when it first released in 2007. I thought it would be the future and a good way to share content from my iTunes library. I went through two iterations with the Apple TV and then switched to the Logitech Revue due to some better features, including TV Passthru and it had a keyboard. After I had some Android sticks, a Mac Mini, and several iterations of Amazon FireTV boxes. Due to several app issues, lack of speed and crashes, I decided to go it with Apple TK 4K and I am loving it.

I have been using the Amazon FireTV Cubes over the past few years, and they have been the best devices up until recently. They were easy to install and find content, and Alexa just rules, and still does. The FireTV Cube did everything I wanted, but I noticed it was slow, whether it was just scrolling or playing content, it was slow. I have app crashes, and apps not working until I reset the box. More recently, some applications would not play all the content for some reason. The worst part about the FireTV is that it does not have enough memory. I kept running out of memory just using my apps for streaming. No games or side loaded apps. With most TV series streaming and each with their own application, it was just impossible to install all the applications and have then running without issues.

The Apple TV 4K is fast. lightyears faster than the FireTV Cube. Everything is faster, whether it is startup, selecting an application or playing a video. It runs circles around the FireTV Cube. The setup was easy since I am an Apple user. I connected with my phone and it setup everything for me. Downloading the apps was fast and even faster signing in since the passwords are already stored in iCloud. Everything is just better. The picture quality, the sound, and configuration. And I get to share my library from my computers. One of the biggest pluses for me was that it supports the Harmony remotes. I am able to have one remote now for everything. The weakest part of the Apple TV is Siri. Yeah, it works, but Alexa is much better. A little price to pay for better quality. Siri works, just not as well as Alexa. I did not say it was perfect, but I am surer happy with my purchase.

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