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M1 Mac Update

After having the M1 Mac for a few months now, I am happy with the little machine, but some hiccups have to be overcome. Apple has fixed many of the issues that plagued the machine, like my dock disconnecting randomly, but others remain, mainly due to software issues with third parties. Some issues will never to be overcome without an update to the number of ports and the possibility to add more RAM.

Most of the issues now are software related. Most of my applications that I use are now compiled for the Apple silicon, but some are still not. VMWare Fusion is a big disappointment right now, especially since their competitor, Parallels, already had a release working. The other is Norton, which caused my machine to crash constantly. Norton also caused all apps that used the internet to stop responding. It was an easy fix to turn off certain network protection, but then the program would prompt me to fix it every day. Norton is currently not compiled for Apple Silicon.

One all the apps are compiled and Apple releases its next generation, I suspect most of the issues will be solved. The machine is solid and stable and I use it much more than my Mac Pro currently. I use my Mac Pro for coding and some VMs that I have running.

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