Apple Watch Heart Rate Zones Are Not Correct

Like many, I keep myself active and rely on my Apple Watch and Activity Tracker to count everything from the number of steps, calories burned, and time doing activities. I consider the Apple Watch necessary for my fitness.

In WatchOS 9, Apple introduced heart rate zones, which allow users to monitor which heart rate zone they are in and if fat is being burned as opposed to carbohydrates. This is an excellent edition to WatchOS. There are 5 zones, and the zones depend on age. My information is entered into the Watch and Fitness applications correctly, and the Watch correctly details my maximum heart rate for my age. However, the zones are not correct. The first zone should be no more than 60% of the maximum heart rate. In my case, the Watch is showing 74% for the first zone, and the rest of the zones are incorrect.

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Automatic heart rate zones
Correctly modified zones for my age

Thankfully these settings can be updated manually. I adjusted the zones on my Watch to display correctly. I am hoping Apple fixes this is a future update.

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