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    Cool does not equal usefulness

    Apple is not listening to its users, and is falling behind with its products being cool and useful.  The new Macbook Pro is anything but a professional machine.  It maybe can replace some desktops, but not all.  It can certainly replace the 2013 Mac Pro, which is supposed to be the top of the line professional computer from Apple.  For some reason Apple takes years to update its computers.  I would love to spend another $5400 on a new Mac Pro with more modern CPUs and GPUs, but I do not have that option.   (more…)

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    The iPhone and The FBI

    I find it hard to believe that the FBI cannot crack an iPhone.   After ten attempts the phone might wipe itself, which is what the FBI is afraid might happen.  Maybe they do not use Macs in the FBI, but with Xcode, a tool from Apple to create code for OS X and the i devices, it is possible to emulate Apple devices. So how could an iPhone be emulated?  Easy!  Dump the memory from the phone.  I used to do this with Atari 2600 cartridges in the 1970s.  While the method is different today, the basics are the

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    The Ultimate Hard Drive Test: What Hard Drive is Best?

    What hard drive is best? As of the end of Q1 2015 we had 44,252 hard drives spinning in our datacenter. Click now to see which drives performed best. Source: The Ultimate Hard Drive Test: What Hard Drive is Best? All the major hard drive companies make claims about their reliability of their drives, but when they are forced to perform in a datacenter the results are startling.  Backblaze, a cloud backup company, has tens of thousands of hard drives in their datacenter to store their customers’ data.  They use a wide array of hard drives from various manufacturers